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Your family is growing so fast!! Do you even remember the last time you had your photos taken?! If you’re in the market for some family portraits, you actually have options! You can go for a quick mini session or a full family session. Each has pros and cons depending on how busy your life […]

Full Family Session or Mini Photoshoot? What to Choose for Your Family Photos

mom and dad swinging little boy between them

You’ve got that perfect little family of yours and gorgeous location taken care of! But, now you just need the right Family Photographer in Bend, Oregon to document it all. Well, congratulations friend, you’ve done it! You’ve found your photographer. I’m confident I will deliver family sessions bursting with beautifully and chaotic moments that tell […]

Looking for a Family Photographer in Bend, Oregon?

mom and dad bear hugging their two boys during family photos

First and foremost, don’t forget to pack your patience and grace for your little fam! Being in front of the camera can sometimes feel a little overwhelming and might even be new for all, if not some of you! I don’t know how many sessions begin with parents apologizing for their kids before we even […]

Bend Family Photographer on Prepping Kids for Photos

family of three holding hands and walking during photo session

Life is happening and it’s happening fast! Believe me, as much as i’ve tried, there is just nothing we can do to slow it down. No matter what we do, we can’t press pause or go back and relive these fleeting moments. So… I’m here for you! A Bend Oregon family photographer… or Honorary Auntie […]

Bend Oregon Family Photographer or Honorary Auntie?

mom and dad in Bend looking at their baby between them

So you’re headed to central Oregon for an amazing vacation! You got your time off work, the kids are excited and asking you “are we there yet?” for the millionth time. Maybe you’re the type of person who really likes to plan ahead, and you have your whole itinerary planned out for your Sunriver vacation. […]

Sunriver Vacation Ideas: A Family Photoshoot!


I’m a huge fan of having family photos taken — and I love them even more on vacations! You’re creating memories of this specific time in your lives, and commemorating the memories you make on vacation all at once. This can even become a special family tradition year after year. A yearly photoshoot marks the […]

Fall Family Photoshoot at Smith Rock State Park

mom and dad with baby walking in front of smith rock cliffs

Upon moving to Bend in May 2021, to say the least, it was a little bit surreal. My newly wed husband and I had always dreamed of following our passions to Bend since we first started dating in 2016!!! And now, so many years later, it was happening!!! I was so excited about so many […]

Family Photos in Bend at Shevlin Park